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How do we know about upcoming parties? We post upcoming open parties at bars and restaurants on our Facebook page as an "event".  Under that event we have a description of when and where it will be, some featured signs we are offering, and how to RSVP.  Only by sending us a message do you reserve a spot!  Once you send a message and we confirm that there is room.

I had something come up and I can't make it anymore. What can I do?  We understand that things come up.  Based on the nature of the signs and stencils, we have a cancellation policy.  We ask that you let us know a week in advance if you have to cancel.  If something comes up within that week, you can have someone take your spot and make your sign (the choice you indicated), you can ask a friend who is attending to make it for you, or we can make your sign for you.  Signs need to be paid in full if cancelling within the week. 

Will my sign look exactly like one in the store? No, and that's what makes it so great!  Your sign gets to be totally customized by you!  You get to choose the stain and paint colors which can offer lots of variety.  Also, with the nature of the wood, some will have knots or other natural indentations that may impact your sign.  This adds character and since it is a handmade sign, makes it more unique!

Do I need a reservation?  YES!! All signs are prepped for individual orders and reservations need to be made in advance.  For private parties the host needs to get us sign orders a week in advance. For open parties we take reservations until the party is full or until the date that is posted on Facebook.

Do I need to prepay?  How do I pay?  You do not need to prepay, you pay on the night of the event.  For private parties, the host is responsible for those in that party so can choose to have their guests prepay if they would like.  For the parties we plan by reserving a spot you are agreeing to come make a sign and pay.  You can pay the night of the event with either cash or check.

What time should I arrive?  We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes early to get your sign and get a spot.  We want to start the party on time and will start at the posted time.  We have to respect everyone that arrives on time, we appreciate you understanding!

I have a friend who did not sign up for the class but wants to come with?  A friend can come with to help you create your sign, but will not be able to make their own unless they registered in advance.  Also, this is dependent on the size of the class and where it is being hosted, so we ask that you let us know in advance.

I am not creative or crafty...can I do it too?  Yes!  We teach every step of the process, and if you follow our instructions your sign will work!  We walk around and help with every step, so if you are struggling with something specific we will help! We also have found lots of different ways to fix the "oopsies" that sometimes happen.  

I want to sign up to make two signs at an event.  Can I do this?  This is only allowed for guests who have already attended an event with us before.  For those who choose this option they have to feel comfortable that they can stay with the pace of the class and complete both signs within the 3 hours allotted. 

How long do sign classes take?  We ask that you plan for 3 hours of time.  For some it takes less, but ti should not be more than 3 hours.

What should I wear?  Something that you are comfortable in that you wouldn't be too worried about if it got dirty.  We do have a quantity of aprons available to help protect your clothes as well.

Do I need to tell you in advance what stain or paint choices I want?  No!  We have 12 different stain options and lots of paint options.  You can choose on the day of the event, or start to plan ahead!  If you need ideas on what paint/stain combinations look good together, check out our Facebook page for lots of different examples of what people have chosen before!