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Who We Are

We are Allie and AJ Libby.

When we recently grew tired of the big city life in South Minneapolis, we decided to move to Allie's hometown. While we both found new jobs, moved, bought a house and got married all within four months. We took a break from the hectic lifestyle.


Allie has always had a knack for wanting to do more, create more and teach more. Thanks to Joanna Gaines she fell in love with the "Fixer Upper" style. She began to create signs for our house, our friends houses and soon she realized she really wanted to help people create signs they can hang in their own houses. One problem, she isn't exactly the best with tools.


AJ has always been tinkering with things around the house, fixing things when they break and sometimes breaking things more than they already are. Since moving to Wausau he's taken on a new woodworking hobby in building a pallet wall, a mantle and a headboard as a wedding gift for Allie. So Allie decided to try to lasso her husband on board with creating a sign making and painting business. After many long and short discussions, Allie decided since AJ never said "no" they were going to start a business here in Wausau.


A few friends started to come over, our Facebook page created a buzz and word spread, eventually a few places agreed to let us come in, enjoy a few beverages and teach the Wausau and Merrill communities how to make their very own signs.  We also love to make custom orders for those interested in a sign but can't make it to a  night.

While we love what we are doing, we love that our business has brought us even closer together, learning how to work together, help others together and meet so many wonderful people in our new surroundings. 

We cannot wait to hear from you or see you at a sign night!

Feel free to check out our facebook page and leave us a message or email us at Grainsandstains1@gmail.com


The Libby's