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What We Do

Pre-Planned Parties

Looking for something to do with a couple of friends?  Keep the planning details to us!  Pre-planned parties are held at local bars and restaurants in Central Wisconsin.  We open up these events to the first 15-20 people who sign up (dependent upon locations capacity).  We post the dates we will be hosting parties along with the potential projects you can choose from on Facebook about 3-4 weeks in advance.  Take a look at the potential signs in a post under the "About" section.  Choose a sign and send us a message with your name, sign info, and any specifics that would be needed (ie. last name on sign, established date, etc.).  If there is not a sign that you like posted, you can check out our photos of other signs we have made, or find something online.  Send us a message with what you are looking for and we will work together to make your design and can quote you on a price.  If you do not have Facebook and are interested in this option, send us a message and we an email you!

You-Plan Parties

Interested in having a party with your friends/family?  Need to plan a bachelorette party and want to do something fun and unique?  Plan a party!  We can hold a party wherever you have the space- at your home, a church, a local restaurant, etc.  We will give you access to all signs that we have made and allow you to choose 8 designs you feel your friends/family would like.  Then, you send these options to guests and collect orders.  If your guest does not like any of the 8 options, we allow them to look at our other designs or to send us an individual order.  We will work with them to make a design and quote them on the price.  Once we have everyone's order, we will take it from there!  We will bring everything needed for your group to make their wood sign.  If your party has 8 or more people, the host will get their sign for free.  We want this party to be what you want- think holiday/season specific parties and all the designs we could make for that! :)  For more information on how to book a party, where we travel to, and available dates please contact us.

Baby Showers/Birthday Parties

We do more than just wood signs!  Are you looking to plan a baby shower and want to make cute onesies/bibs for the future-mom to take home? We can do that!  We use the same type of stencils we do for our sign nights and teach everyone how to make their baby item look professionally made!  No puffy paint free-handed on a onesie- these items will look great!  

Are you looking to plan a birthday party for your son or daughter?  They could make pajamas, pillows, bags, etc. with our stencils!  We would have the items all set to go, all they have to do is paint.  It is a fun way to do something creative that all of the guests get to take something home that is hand-made but looks great.  

Have an idea?  Send us a message and we can work together to make your idea a possibility.  We will work together to plan out the details so the day of will be much less stressful for you.  Send us an email so we can plan your upcoming party together!